GDSO Council Opening - Event Coordinator

Post date: Mar 2, 2016 8:27:54 PM

Due to the recent resignation of Terri Stewart, the GDSO Community Council is looking to fill the ‘Event Coordinator’ vacancy a.s.a.p.

Council meets either in person or via tele-conf. on the last Wednesday evening of each month (except for Dec.).

The term will run until the Nov. 2016 GDSO Members Meeting.

If you are interested and can make the time commitment to fulfill this described volunteer role, please send an email of interest to Chair Janice Dewland via by March 12th.


Duties and Responsibilities (as described in the SOO-Greater Durham Community Operating Guidelines located at

· Coordinate and establishes committees for social/fundraising events and liaise back to Council.

· Review and be familiar with sections 1,6,7,8, and 18 on the S.O.O. information portal.

· Prepare and submit a budget to Council for approval prior to social/fundraisers events and monitor all expenses relating to the event.

· Oversee the logistics of all events such as venues, tickets, volunteers (with Volunteer Coordinator), etc.

· Submit results of the event at the next Council meeting, no later than 30 days after the event.

· Prepare and keep documentation on all events.

· Upon vacating the position all files etc. must be passed on to the new Event Coordinator.