posted Mar 2, 2016, 12:30 PM by Communications Greater Durham


There will be three locations to register.  Please note that athletes must be registered at one of these locations:

AJAX: ARC INDUSTRIES, 177 Dowty Road    Wednesday, April 13th  6 - 8 PM

OSHAWA: Glen Stewart Clubhouse, 201 Cabot Street    Sunday, April 17th  12 - 3 PM

PORT PERRY: Community Living Durham North, 60 Vanedward Drive, Unit 2   Monday, April 18th 4 - 7 PM

Golf: Registration is $15. Green Fees are extra. 
Soccer – Competitive: 
Registration is $20.
Softball – Competitive (Ajax): 
Registration is $40.
Softball – Rec (Ajax): 
Registration is $40. 
Softball – Competitive (Oshawa): Registration is $50. (for 2 nights)
Athletics (Track and Field): 
Registration is $20.

** If athletes (or their representative) attend one of the above registrations they will be given a $5. discount per sport!

If athletes are not able to attend any of the registrations, they must send the GDSO Community ‘Registrar’ Luke Feetham an email at  before April 18th advising the reason why.